Immersive Technology to Build Community

Equality Lab’s mission is to use cutting-edge technology to enable communities to thrive and to improve their quality of life. 


We conduct our programs under the supervision of an interdisciplinary scientific advisory board.


We leverage the transformative potential of virtual reality to reduce our implicit biases.


We apply pioneering research and technology to real-world contexts for the common good.

Making Seniors' Dreams Come True Through Virtual Reality

Visiting Europe for the first time, going back to your motherland, swimming with dolphins? What’s on your bucket list? One thing is sure: elders have a pressing need to tick off elements from theirs. Virtual reality can teleport them anywhere in the world, to the place where they were born and haven’t been able to go back to, or to the place where they haven’t been before but always wanted to go. VR GENIE is an initiative which uses virtual reality to fulfill seniors’ last wishes through immersive technology before they pass. 

Officers cooperate in virtual reality with at-risk youth to build collaboration skills

VR WITH A COP is an innovative community policing initiative which uses the power of virtual reality to enable officers to reach out to community members more easily. Police officers and at-risk youth get to team up in virtual reality to solve problems, elucidate mysteries, escape from enemies, collect rewards and win together. Through the power of play and immersion, officers can better engage with at-risk youth and get a simple message across: we are on the same team!  


An Interdisciplinary Team of Neuroscientists, Social Psychologists and Technologists

We are working under the supervision of an expert team of award-winning scientists from the fields of social neuroscience and psychology.

Many thanks to our funder, the Roddenberry Foundation, for giving us support and guidance. Gene Roddenberry created Star Trek to portray an ideal of inclusion, diversity and cooperation. We are working hard to materialize this ideal much sooner than in the 23rd century!

Alexandra Ivanovitch, PhD

Alexandra Ivanovitch, PhD is an innovator dedicated to leveraging 21st century technology to address some of the most pressing challenges our society faces, such...

Dr. Derek Ham

Derek Ham, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, Affiliated Assistant Research Professor of Architecture at North Carolina State University. Derek Ham’s res

Zenia Tata

Zenia Tata is Executive Director of Global Expansion at the XPRIZE Foundation. Ms. Tata has more than 21 years of experience in program design, management and...

Ross Hall

Ross is currently directing Ashoka’s education strategy for triggering a fundamental change in the experience of education so that every young person is empowered...

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Equality has a lab. Gear up!

What does technology got to do with it? How can science help us achieve it? Get up to speed with the cutting edge research in social neuroscience and computer science that we harness at Equality Lab. Learn more about the tests we are doing on the field to get the tech to those who most need it!

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