Science & Technology to Serve Equality

Equality Lab’s mission is to defend equal access to justice, healthcare and education for all citizens. 


We conduct our programs under the supervision of an interdisciplinary scientific advisory board.


We leverage the transformative potential of virtual reality to reduce our implicit biases.


We apply pioneering research and technology to real-world contexts for the common good.

Virtual Reality Can Reduce Implicit Racial and Gender Bias

In partnership with the National Police Foundation, the non-profit’s first program will develop and implement a series of virtual reality trainings for law enforcement to reduce use-of-force and help police officers better empathize with the citizens they are paid to protect and serve.

An Interdisciplinary Team of Neuroscientists, Social Psychologists and Technologists

We are working under the supervision of an expert team of award-winning scientists from the fields of social neuroscience and psychology.

Many thanks to our funder, the Roddenberry Foundation, for giving us support and guidance. Gene Roddenberry created Star Trek to portray an ideal of inclusion, diversity and cooperation. We are working hard to materialize this ideal much sooner than in the 23rd century!

Chief Jim Bueermann (Ret.)

Chief Jim Bueermann (Ret.) In September 2012, Jim Bueermann was appointed as the president of the Washington, DC-based Police Foundation. Founded in 1970, the...

Pr. Manos Tsakiris

Manos Tsakiris studied psychology and philosophy before completing his PhD (2006) in psychology and cognitive neurosciences at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, UC

Zenia Tata

Zenia Tata is Executive Director of Global Expansion at the XPRIZE Foundation. Ms. Tata has more than 21 years of experience in program design, management and...

Ross Hall

Ross is currently directing Ashoka’s education strategy for triggering a fundamental change in the experience of education so that every young person is empowered...

Jonathan Knowles

Jonathan explorers the frontier of beyond the horizon technologies, providing insight on the evolving role of applied innovation. He is a creative thinker who...

Pr. Jack Glaser

Jack Glaser is a Professor at the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley. He joined the Goldman School faculty in 2000, after...

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What does technology got to do with it? How can science help us achieve it? Get up to speed with the cutting edge research in social neuroscience and computer science that we harness at Equality Lab.

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